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April Showers Bring May Flowers

It’s that time of year when everything starts to look a little greener. The trees are sprouting new leaves, the grass is coming back to life and the tulips are showing their colors. This time of year is a great time to start planning your summer gardening projects. There are many different gardening options depending on what you enjoy and what your space allows.

First decide on what space is available for your garden. Maybe you have a large yard and want to create a new flower bed. You may have a sunny yard that is prefect for a vegetable garden. If space is an issue, think smaller. Container gardening is perfect for any size space. A small balcony can become an outside escape with a few beautiful pots and your favorite summer flowers.

If you have decided to create a new flower bed or a new vegetable garden, you will have to prepare the space. Decide the size and shape and remove any vegetation that is already growing there. Always make sure there are no power lines running through any area you are digging in. Ask at a local garden shop about the best way to add nutrients to the soil. Turn and loosen the soil with a shovel or spade. You may want to add landscape paper and mulch to keep the weeds under control if you are starting a flower garden.

Your garden is now ready to plant. The plants you choose will depend on how much sun your garden receives during the day. A vegetable garden needs a lot of sun. For flowering plants and shrubs you will have the most variety to choose from if the garden has a significant amount of sun. There are plants that grow well in shade but you will not have as many options. Again, ask at a local garden shop and they can help with which plants will grow with the amount of sun your garden receives.

Starting a garden can seem a little overwhelming. If you are new to gardening or do not have the space, a container garden can be just as wonderful. Start by looking in different stores for pots. There are so many options of flower pots you just have to find the ones you love. Flower pots come in a wide range of sizes so you can still have quite a large number of plants even with container gardening. There are even many options specific to growing vegetables.  Choose as many pots as you want in your space, or create multiple areas. Don’t forget to pick up soil for your pots while you are at the garden center.

Once you have your pots and soil, you can start to plant. You will still have to choose plants depending on the amount of sun they will receive. If you buy a plant that needs full sun and put it in the shade, it will simply not grow. Make sure you have an understanding of how much sun will pass by the space before you go and choose your plants. After you have planted, you can arrange the pots in any order you wish. You can also rearrange the pots throughout the summer if you choose.

A garden can help to create a whole new feel for your outdoor space. It can brighten up your yard or give you some extra dinner options. A little work in the springtime can create enjoyment throughout the summer.

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