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The Grass Can Be Greener

The old saying goes ‘the grass is always greener on the other side.’ Maybe those on the other side just know how to take care of their grass. There are a few things you can do to make your grass just as green as the grass on the other side. Having a beautiful lawn during the summer can create a relaxing atmosphere right out your back door. Put some time into lawn care and then take off your shoes and enjoy.


Your grass needs to be fed. There are many products at home improvement stores for this purpose. Check out what they have and ask some questions about what would be best for your lawn. Make sure to fertilize early in the season. You can burn your grass if you apply in the heat of the summer.   One product to look for is a slow release fertilizer. With this product you can apply less often as they release a small amount of fertilizer over time.


Control the weeds. Again there are many products you can choose for this. Decide what works best for your situation. If you have just a few weeds, a spot treating spray may be all you need. If you have a yard full of weeds, it may be best to treat the whole yard.  Be careful about when you apply any product to your lawn. Anytime you apply something in hot weather there can be damage to the lawn.


We all need water and your grass does to. It is best to water for long periods of time so the water sinks deep into the ground. This will promote the roots of you grass to grow deeper. Deeper roots are more drought tolerant. Grass needs about 1 inch of water per week whether it’s from rain or from watering. If you forget to water during a dry spell and your grass goes dormant, you should leave it like that until fall. It is not good for the grass to start watering after it has gone dormant.


You know warm weather has come when you start hearing the lawn mowers going. Mowing your lawn is also a big part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Before the season even starts, make sure your blade is sharp. A dull blade tears grass leaving an uneven edge which makes it more susceptible to pests and disease. You should also move your blade to higher setting. Taller grass is more drought tolerant and also helps prevent weed growth. Leave the clippings on the grass. As the clippings break down, they supply another source of food for the grass. Make sure to mow on a regular basis. You should avoid leaving large piles of clippings on the grass.

Now that your grass is green and healthy start planning your BBQs and make some memories on your green lawn.

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