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March – National Nutrition Month

With all the cold and snow this year, you may want to stay in your home, curl up on the couch and eat comfort food. Sometimes that is the best way to spend a cold evening, but we have to make sure this doesn’t become a habit. March is a great time to make sure you are not becoming a coach potato. National Nutrition Month is here to help us make sure we are making good choices in food and activity.

Become informed

Instead of turning on Netflix, you can research some nutritional information. The most important part of eating a more healthy diet is to be informed about your food choices. It is important to understand food labeling and know what to look for and what to avoid. Reading ingredient labels is key to making sure the food you put in your body is what you think it is. Many times packaged food includes ingredients you would not expect. Another thing to look out for is the many forms sugar listed on the label. These are things you can learn more about while still enjoying the warmth of your own home.

Incorporate what you learned

Spending time in your kitchen will also help with good nutritional choices. Make sure your kitchen is organized in a way that makes cooking enjoyable. Pick some new recipes and be willing to try new things. You can also make sure you have healthy snacks ready to grab when you are hungry. If you prepare things ahead of time it is much easier to maintain healthy eating. Make sure you also have healthy drink options. Staying hydrated is just as important as the food you eat. Use what you learned in your research when deciding how to stock your kitchen. Utilizing your kitchen and making your own food is an important step in creating food that fuels your body and is enjoyable to eat.

Get moving 

Once you have plan in place to make your diet healthier, you can also think of ways to stay more active. When the weather is not perfect, it can be hard to maintain an active lifestyle. Eating well is important for being healthy, but you must also make sure you are getting some exercise. There are many exercise videos you can find online if you need some ideas of in home workouts. A walk can give you a little fresh air if the conditions are safe for walking. Walking around the mall with a friend is another idea. Adding any amount of additional activity to your day can make a difference to your overall health.

National Nutrition Month is a great way to refocus on your health. Start in your home to create a healthy environment and it will flow into all aspects of your life. Being mindful of what we put in our bodies leads to healthy choices.

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