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Convenient Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Home

Does your home often feel extremely cold in the winter? You may have to put your heat up higher than you’d like to just to feel comfortable and warm. If you’re trying to conserve energy, save money, and continue to stay comfortably warm, here are some winter weather maintenance tips that are definitely worth a try.

Place Insulated Film on Windows

Feel a bit of a draft coming through the windows, but don’t want to spend the money to get new windows? If so, consider purchasing some insulated film that you could place on the windows. The film will help block out the drafts so that it doesn’t feel nearly as cold when you’re sitting near a window in your home. Most importantly, many of the window film options are affordable.

Invest in Some Thicker Curtains

Another way to block some of the cold air from getting through the windows, and spreading out throughout the home, is to invest in thicker curtains and hang them up over all of your windows. The air would be able to easily get through thin curtains, so it’s important for you to choose thicker curtains that are made with a heavy material to block out that cold air.

Get a Door Sweep For Doors

If a cold draft comes through the bottom of your front door or back door, it helps to install a door sweep on the bottom of the door. The right door sweep will cover the gap and prevent that cold air from making its way right inside the home. As a result, it may feel much warmer in the home, and you might not need to raise the heat up as high as you once did.

Check For Icicles Hanging on Your Roof

When it snows, you could end up with bits of ice hanging from the roof of your home. However, this could be quite dangerous and may even cause a leak in the house, so it’s important to carefully remove those icicles. You also wouldn’t want them to fall on anyone who’s standing outside.

Seal Any Gaps or Holes in the House

If you’ve noticed some small holes or gaps around the home, make sure to seal them. Not only could these holes and gaps cause the cool air to come into the home from outside, but pests may use those holes to make their way into your home while trying to stay warm for the winter. Solve both problems at once by simply caulking those spots to keep them sealed.

If you’re trying to feel as comfortable as possible in your home during the winter, but you know it often gets too cold, there are some steps you’ll need to take. These are some of the many tips you should try to follow if you’d like to feel warm while conserving energy and staying comfortable at the same time. Many of these tips are simple suggestions that tend to work well for homeowners. It certainly doesn’t hurt to try them out.

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