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Home Maintenance To-Do List For Spring

Just like when prep your home for winter, getting it ready for summer is also essential, and this requires doing some spring cleaning and maintenance. In essence, you are readying your house for the warmer weather after the winter chill. The following tips can help you save time and money down the road as you also get ready for summer.

Sump Pump

Inspect and test, and do any necessary repairs to the sump pumps as winter loosens its grip ushering in the spring season, and this includes the backup pump. Clean out the dirt and debris found in the pit. Check the float and ensure it moves freely and cannot be lodged against pipes in the pit or the walls. 

Gutters And Downspouts

Inspect these for any debris and clean them to make sure they have a free flow. Check if the downspouts extenders are disconnected, and reconnect them firmly to ensure that they will discharge rainwater during spring at least 6 feet from the house. Also, ensure the discharge is away from any crawlspaces or the basement.


Remove any storm windows that were installed in winter and store them for fall. Check all exteriors of the windows for any loose or cracked caulking and any other damages, and make adequate repair plans. Also, inspect the windows from inside the house. Scrape any paint that is peeling off the window frames. Then repaint the surface with the appropriate paint to reduce the exposure to dampness and direct sun. 


Use a pair of binoculars to inspect the roof from damaged or missing shingles. Also, use a firm ladder to go up to examine the roof for any damage caused by ice dams, especially around the eaves. Look for any loose flashings where the roofs intersect with the wall, another roof, and around the chimneys. Make the necessary repairs. Also, secure the flanges and roof vents.

Air Conditioner

Assess the air conditioning for damages or a drop in functionality that may be due to its increased use over the winter days. You can make plans for an HVAC inspection expert to visit and check the air conditioner and do some cleaning and maintenance work.


The freezing temperatures during winter can damage kitchen fan vents as well as the bathroom and dryer vents with much of the damage being on the outside. If not inspected and repaired, then the vents can soon become nesting sites for birds during spring.


The trees will welcome spring with open arms, but you should act quickly before the leaves grow. Prune or trim any over-hanging branches and any that were weakened by the ice and snow during winter.


The pathways may heave during winter and repairs are necessary to mitigate the damage. You can manage this by adding some new base materials before resetting the stones or pavers. 


Spring will usher in some sunlight which can degrade the bonds of the wood fibers of your fence creating room for water and moisture to sink into the wood and causing further damage. Therefore, check for any overly damaged boards and replace them while repairing those that can still work. Repaint the fence accordingly where necessary, or use a quality UV-blocker stain to remedy the situation.

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