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Tips For Entertaining At Your New House

Organization is the key when entertaining in a new home. Some of the questions that you may be considering include the date, the number of guests, the location, the party theme, your budget, and whether there will be entertainment or music?

These questions will help you to determine the perfect gathering for entertaining in your home. This article will discuss key entertaining basics that will make your gathering a complete success.

Choose a Date

There is no reason to necessarily send out an invitation for an informal gathering. You can simply call your guests or send them a text message. However, make sure that you do so a few weeks in advance.

If you are planning to have a formal gathering then you should send out invitations at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance. Always include an RSVP on your invitation so that you know who is coming and who is not. If you do not receive a response back from the invitation, then it is important to call the person directly so that you can calculate food and drink quantities for the event.

Choose a Location

You will also need to choose a location for your event. This will be especially important if you are having an open house in your new home. Take into consideration things such as the number of bathrooms, the food preparation area, and the space where you plan to have the event. An average size room can hold approximately 30 people if they stand, but if they sit for a meal then you will need to provide more space.

If the interior of your home is not adequate for the numnrt of guests that you plan to invite then you may want to consider having the event in your backyard. Of course, you will then need to plan for an outdoor event including purchasing or renting some sort of covering in case of rain.

Choose a Theme

It is important to determine the theme for your gathering. For example, you might want a simple cocktail party, or maybe you want to have an informal potluck dinner party. Cocktail parties and potluck dinner parties are versatile and inexpensive to plan. A formal sit-down dinner party, on the other hand, can be quite expensive and a challenge to plan.

Set a Budget

Whatever type of party or gathering you are planning it is important to set a budget. Some things that you may want to consider are rentals, food, alcohol, music, and entertainment. There may also be other additional costs such as decorations or flowers. Serving alcohol can be quite expensive and therefore it may be more feasible to have a signature drink at some point during the get-together.

Entertainment and Music

It is true that music can be a determining factor whether a party or gathering is a success or not. For a simple affair, it may be sufficient to have soothing background music. If there is going to be dancing then you may want to create a specific playlist on your iPod, rent a jukebox, or hire a disc jockey.

Finally, put it all together, and enjoy your party.

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