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Tips For Ensuring A Timeless Design For Your Family Home

In the age of smart homes and all kinds of high tech gadgets, it's really interesting to think of the alternative. But wait, timeless home design has nothing to do with smart appliances and lights that turn on and off via your smartphone, does it? That's absolutely right.

However, you don't have to decide not to pursue the latest technologies in order to simultaneously focus on timeless home design. Yet the one has absolutely nothing to do with the other, and those timeless design ideas can really increase the value, comfort level, and quality of your home.

Many people walk into a room wanting to put up lavish artwork on the walls or paint using different colors. There are other temporary changes that people make that are going to cause extra work for themselves later, too. Interior decorating based on timeless design is all about keeping it simple. Think fabrics and other types of textiles that can be placed throughout your home to add color.

These types of fabrics can be changed throughout the years with ease, never really changing the design foundation of any room. The quality furniture and other decor can stay in place, the walls can stay the same color, and the fixtures can remain the same. That is just one example of timeless design for homes in 2018. Less is more, and you might want to think that way not just in terms of interior decorating but in terms of floor plans, too. 

If you are going to build a home, you might not want to take advantage of all the latest trends out there. What's trending is always going to be changing. Timeless design is a home that ages gracefully, one that represents what you or anyone else needs for years to come. Have you ever walked into a home you were looking at buying and noticed too many 'personal touches?' Add too many personal touches and unique trends, and you have a home that isn't going to sell.

Yet you aren't planning to sell your home. There are still so many benefits to timeless design aside from the obvious. Let's talk about quality. It's no secret that year after year, everything is made much more cheaply than it used to be. So people going with home construction trends and the latest technology are buying into that cheap facade. Instead, keep it simple, go with quality construction and design elements, and your home's timeless design is going to speak for itself.

That doesn't mean that you design a colonial style home lacking the technology and appliances. It doesn't mean you take a step back in time at all. Timeless design means embracing what's most important in the present, and having the ability to understand why its significance years ago means that it will also be significant years from now. Don't get lost in the trends. Don't get stuck trying to keep up with the Joneses. The Joneses are always changing what they like and don't like, so kick pop culture to the curb as you design your family home.

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