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Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

You garden is your form of sanctuary and it can be an attractive asset to your house, but it sure is not easy to maintain. Having an impeccable landscape, without a doubt, adds to your home’s profile. But since it takes time to plan and years of hard work, some mistakes can be hard to undo. With landscaping, mistakes can cost so much since it takes more time and resources to fix. Here are some mistakes the average joe makes when it comes to landscaping:

Not Enough Color

Monochrome works wonders, that’s for sure, but when you’re considering landscape architecture, a splash of color can certainly be lovely and add character and life to your garden. You can opt for flowering shrubs or trees, or a seasonal foliage. The splash of color that this will provide against the monochromatic backdrop will certainly draw eyes, infusing life and depth.

Throwing Everything into Your Garden

You have probably seen it somewhere; a house with a landscape that has way too many plants. The trees are cramped together, and flower beds have too many tight rows. It can appear as being too much. Please try to avoid cramping your garden. Give your plants space. It can be good to do some minor research in order to check how much space your plant needs in order to thrive.

Poor Choice of Decorations for Your Front Yard

If you’re considering to do landscaping or gardening for yourself or for someone else, the choice of decorations has to be considered. If your landscaping is solely for yourself, then I guess it’s safe to end this subtopic here.

If you’re landscaping to impress people or for real estate value, then it's not wise to choose tire planters in your garden. Some people may find tire planters as ‘cute’ or are just into country style, which is certainly not a bad thing. But trust me, tire planters don’t scream “upscale country style.” If you live in the suburbs, it’s probably not a good idea to carve out a place for your tire planters. Actually, if you’re trying to sell your home, say no to tire planters be it in the front or back yard.

Not Researching The Plants That You’re Going to Plant

A common landscaping mistake is failing to do proper research about the plants’ future mature size that you wish to plant in your garden. An overgrown plant can outgrow the spaces and block certain windows and views of your house. A plant that is planted beside smaller plants may cast unwanted shade to other plants. An overgrown plant can be troublesome since there are only a few ways for you to get rid of it.

Neglecting Shade and Water Requirements

Plants require different shade and water requirements. Not all plants are the same and some may require daily watering while others do not.. Plants don't thrive if the conditions are not right. Planting shade-loving plants in direct sunlight and vice versa is just wrong. Being unaware of this particular need may drive you crazy trying to figure out why your plant keeps withering despite the daily dose of water.

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