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Creative Ways You Can Hide Wires And Cords In Your House

In these times of advancing technology creating more and more interesting gadgets, it's nearly impossible to have a house that is not filled with an assortment of electronics. And, though wireless is a big thing, we still face the reality of running wires and cables between outlets and devices.

Our homes have wires and cords scattered everywhere. You might even have charger cords plugged in permanently in various places so that you can easily recharge some device. All the wires can begin to look untidy or they might even create some tripping hazards. The good news is that there are some creative options you can take to hide some of the wires in your house.

Consider Using Binder Clips

You can buy binder clips from an office supply store. Or, here is an example from Amazon you can check out. While they are promoted as devices that hold papers together, they really have many other uses.

One such example is to use the clips to hold loops of wires. Fold cords or wires into small coils and then use the binder clips to hold the wires together. This is a good way to take up the slack and clean up the appearance of cords in your house.

You can also use binder clips to organize cords, wires, or other cables so they don't get tangled up with each other. Simply fold the unused wires into a small bundle and secure with a clip so that they can rest in a neat and organized manner inside drawers. If you do this you don't ever have to worry about taking time to separate a tangled mess of "spaghetti" wires.

Use A Book Arrangement

If you need to have wires running on a side board or rising up to a wall-mounted television, you can position books in front of the wires to hide them. This is really a very easy way to hide wires since you can just place the books across the console in strategic positions. Arrange the books in a manner that covers the view to all wires. If you can't see them, they're not really there, right?

Abracadabra -- It's Like Magic

Sometimes the easiest way to hide something is to use a piece of cloth. For example, if you have a desk that does not have a solid back, you might have a lot of wires running from a computer and a monitor. If not wireless, then you might also have keyboard and mouse cables. All of these might hang down the back side of the desk. Here's the magic -- pin a cloth to the back of the desk to hide the wires! Your choice of cloth can be anything. Maybe black works or some color that complements the desk. It's up to you.. 

Hidden in a Box

If you want to hide the power strips, you can use a gift box or even a decorated show box. Simply cut holes in the side so that the cords have an exit point. Put the power strip in the box with the main power cord coming out a hole in the back. Then, through the holes in the side of the box, run the power cords of the devices that you need to plug into the strip. This way, the power strip itself and all the plugged in cords will be hidden from view. As a bonus, it's easier to clean around a box than around a bunch of cords going off in every direction.

These are just a few of the creative ways you can use to tidy up the cables of various kinds that run all around your house. You can use binder clips to shorten long cables. You can also use binder clips to reduce the sprawling of wires. You can organize books to hide cords you cannot move. And, if all else fails, you can turn wires into decoration by hiding in a nice looking box.

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