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Back to School

This time of year can bring with it a lot of different emotions. Children will be upset as their lazy days of summer are gone. Many parents are happy their children will be out of the house on a regular basis again! Everyone will feel the stress of getting back in the routine of school, activities, and homework. It is a good idea to try to find ways to alleviate the stress this time of year can bring.

Be Healthy

Everything runs smoother when you feel your best. Make sure to take steps to ensure everyone in the family is as healthy as they can be during this hectic time. These things are important all year long but can be overlooked when everyone is busy.

Sleep ndash; One of the most important ways to keep yourself health is sleep. Elementary school children need 10-11 hours of sleep each night. Middle and high school age children need 8-9 hours.  Even as adults you should try to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night.     Your body is using this time heal cells, boost your immune system and just recover from the day’s activities.

Nutrition – The food you eat will have a direct effect on how you feel. Choose foods that fuel your body.             Watch your sugar intake and limit the amount of packaged food you eat. Have healthy snacks available that are easy to grab such as cut up fruits and vegetables.

Exercise – It is easy to come home after a long day and turn on the TV. Instead of watching TV take a family walk, throw a ball around, or go to the park. Having the kids try different sports also keeps them moving.         

Stay organized

Each family will have different ways keep the house running smoothly. A family calendar is a great place to start. Then everyone knows the schedule and can manage their time wisely. Once the calendar is made, you can look at ways to maximize your time. Carpools are helpful so you can split the driving to activities among multiple families. Also, having a place set aside just for studying helps children get into a home work routine. Be sure the area is comfortable and suited to their learning style.

You can become overwhelmed with all the changes this time of year brings. If you take time to make a plan you can the transition back to school much more smooth for everybody.  

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