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4 Reasons Building a New Home Provides More Value

A home is typically one of the biggest investments a person makes in their lifetime. Many buyers end up spending a lot of time looking for the perfect home prior to purchasing. Some end up having to settle for an imperfect home because of the desires they might have for their future home. The only real way to find your perfect home is to build it yourself. Below, we will be discussing some of the main reasons building a new home provides more value than buying a pre-existing one.

1. Ultimate Customization

The biggest reason you are going to get much more value out of building your own home is the ability to customize everything. Because you will be fully designing your new home, it is going to offer complete customization that you simply wouldn't be able to get from a pre-existing home. When you are purchasing a house on the market, you are pretty much stuck with what you see. Therefore, you are not going to have the same unique ability to fully customize everything to your own liking. Instead, you will be stuck with the overall layout that was decided by the home builder when the house was first built. Unless you are willing and able to put even more money into the redesign of the completed layout, you are going to be stuck with not having a say in the design of the home. Having the ability to fully customize everything will allow you to tailor it to your liking and get the most value out of your home. 

2. Fewer Health Concerns

Another reason building a home is likely going to provide you with much more value is because it will have a lot fewer health concerns associated with it. Many older homes have outdated building codes and materials used that are not allowed today. Because of this, you might be purchasing a pre-existing home that has health concerns associated with it. Whereas, when you build your own home, it will have updated materials and fewer health concerns overall. 

3. More Energy Efficient

Another reason you will end up getting more value out of a new home that you build yourself is the ability to make the house much more energy efficient by using the right energy efficient materials and windows. 

4. It's Brand New

That kind of goes without saying, but this is also advantageous if you want to sell it right away. When you design and build a home versus buying it on the market, you are going to be designing and building a brand new home that you can market as being new. For buyers, a pre-existing home is typically going to require purchasing a home that has already been lived in. Thus, the home is already going to be somewhat decreased in perceived value because of this compared to a brand new home. Having a home that you could market as being brand new would allow you to get more for it. And, assuming you furnish it with new appliances and other amenities, the entire experience is new.

As you can see, you can get a lot of value out of a custom-made home that you build yourself versus a home that has already been around. When you are ready to have a new house built just for you, please call us at SCI Real Estate.

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